About Maplewood


Maplewood is a 218 home subdivision built by the Burnstead Construction Company in the East Renton Plateau in both the Issaquah and Renton School Districts.  If you click here it will take you to a google map outlining the  subdivision.


The Maplewood Homeowners Association annual dues are $350 to be paid by January 1 of each year. HOA fees go towards landscape maintenance, improvements to our park and common areas, as well as administrative costs. Current and past budget reports as well as profit and loss statements can be obtained through the treasurer.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequent comments and questions from Maplewood homeowners about the neighborhood. We've taken some time to answer and list them here. If this doesn't answer your question, don't hesitate to reach us via the Contact Us web page.


Securing your belongings

While we live in a fairly safe area, there are incidents of burglaries and vandalism.  Keep your belongings safe by keeping your electronic devices out of plain sight and off of the car dashboard. This deters petty theft and damage to cars.  If you see problems with vandalism, lost property, or other problems, contact the Renton Police.


Driving safely in the neighborhood

All of us have children and pets that we want to keep safe.  The City of Renton has done several speed studies to determine that some signs are warranted to remind drivers to watch out for children. Also, they have completed inspections at intersections and removed trees/shrubberies to maintain safe sight lines while turning.  Keep our neighborhood safe by watching out for kids and pets and keeping your speed down to 25 mph while driving through our shared neighborhood streets.  If you see frequent speeding offenders, you can submit the license plates to the Renton Police Department's Traffic Unit at http://rentonwa.gov/city_forms.aspx?ekfrm=6670.  

Greenbelt, wetlands, and common areas

The Maplewood HOA hires a landscaping company to maintain the common areas in the park and entry monument. The greenbelt and wetland areas that are next to homes are not considered common areas.


Neighborhood Block Watch

Maplewood homeowners are fortunate to have access to a large community park. This park is limited to homeowners only. If you as residents of this community, you can help create a safe neighborhood by being vigilant and reporting suspicious behavior to the Renton Police Department at 911. For more information, see the Renton Block Watch program. 



While homeowners and the HOA pay the electricity bill for the streetlights, the maintenance and replacement of burned out bulbs is done by Puget Sound.

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