Maplewood Estates HOA Documents

The CC&Rs and the Bylaws are the foundation of our HOA.  It is important to know and understand these documents.

The HOA Minutes are the record of the Maplewood HOA Board meetings and are available to keep all homeowners updated on pertinent decisions and activities.

The Rules and Regulations Documents  (links to the right for 100.0 Complaint and Fine Schedule and 100.2 Exterior Appearance) provide clarification to all homeowners on items that may be somewhat confusing within the CC&Rs.  All homeowners are responsible for being aware of and following the contents of these documents.


Per the Maplewood HOA CC&Rs, all homeowners must submit plans for any external changes to the house or property, including height and sight requirements for sheds, fences, and landscaping.   Read the 'External Rules and Regulations' document in order to identify which project form you need to complete and send to the ACC: 

     ACC Project Approval Form

     ACC Project Notification Form

Either form must be completed and submitted at least 60 days before work begins.

Keeping our neighborhood beautiful promotes friendly neighbors, attracts great future neighbors, and increase all of our property value! It's a win-win-win!


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